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Sader Law Firm can help financially troubled individuals and businesses file for Chapter 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcy to erase and restructure debts.

6 Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund in 2020

Tax season is nothing to be afraid of for some people. Although some of us may owe the IRS money this year, others may receive funds from a tax refund. Depending on the amount you receive, there could be multiple ways to spend your tax refund to bolster your finances. Tax refunds of over $1,000 are especially helpful, as you could use this extra money for multiple purposes. Consider the following actions if you receive a tax refund this year. Set Up a Savings Account Save for Health Expenses Save for College Pay Off Debts Save for Retirement Invest in Your Career 1. Set Up a Savings Account Life may decide to give you lemons at any moment. Job loss, illness, a death in the family, an injury, or a demotion are all reasons why you could suddenly need access to money. Unfortunately, 59 percent of Americans cannot cover a…
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Should I File an Emergency Bankruptcy?

Facing insurmountable debt can be overwhelming and exhausting. Many individuals who find themselves in this situation may opt for bankruptcy as a way to handle debt. However, there are many situations that make filing for bankruptcy a time-sensitive matter. An emergency bankruptcy filing is available for people who need to file fast. Why File for an Emergency Bankruptcy? People who face foreclosure, repossessions, an eviction or wage garnishments may want to file an emergency bankruptcy to stop those processes. An emergency bankruptcy will trigger an automatic stay, which puts a halt to creditors’ collection attempts. In other words, the automatic stay will put a hold on any foreclosures, repossessions, evictions or wage garnishments. During the automatic stay, your creditors cannot legally contact you to pursue payments. This means creditors must stop harassing you while the automatic stay remains active, making an emergency bankruptcy a lifesaver for those in difficult situations….
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3 Helpful Tips for Filing Your Taxes in 2020

Tax season is quickly approaching, which may not be the most exciting news. We all hope for a quick and painless tax season, and perhaps a substantial refund, this time of year. Fortunately, there are ways of making the filing process easier, and thus more enjoyable. Below we sketch out some top tips for filing taxes in 2020, along with information on how to handle bankruptcy and the IRS. Tips for Filing Your Taxes in 2020 1. Find a free filing service. There are now many free tax filing services available online. The IRS offers their Free File option on their official website. For those who make less than $69,000 a year, Free File offers name brand software for filing federal taxes. Those who make more can find an electronic alternative to the traditional paper tax forms. You can also use Free File to get an automatic six-month extension for…
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