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Filing for a bankruptcy can eliminate debts that have been placed in collections and stop phone calls from collection agencies.

Mechanic’s Lien Defense – Move It or Lose It!

This is syndicated content that was originally published on by Attorney Michael J. Wambolt of Sader Law Firm. Spring and summer kick off home improvement season here in Missouri and around the country. History shows a correlation between home improvement projects and an increase in mechanic’s lien lawsuits. When confronted with mechanic’s lien claims, many secured creditors rightly focus on whether they hold a purchase money deed of trust and whether the claimant complied with all statutory notice requirements. A less obvious defense centers on whether a mechanic’s lien claimant has diligently prosecuted its claim against all known or reasonably knows parties. Statutory requirements to timely prosecute a Mechanic’s Lien Claim. In Missouri, mechanic’s liens are creatures of statute and are governed by Chapter 429, RSMo. If a claimant fails to comply with applicable statutory requirements, the mechanic’s lien fails as a matter of law. Two such requirements are…
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How Do You Check Your Credit Rating?

Last week’s blog discussed the potential negative consequences caused by having a low FICO score from any of the three credit agencies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion). However, it is difficult to improve your credit score if you do not know what is on your reports from these agencies. There are several places where you can check your credit rating and report, including This is the website where you can pull one free report from the three credit bureaus each year. However, this website involves some preparation, which we have explained in a prior blog. If you get your personal information wrong during this process, then you may have to start over and call the credit bureaus directly. There are other places where you can pull your credit reports. Unfortunately, many of these services are not free. com: You can pull your credit scores from This website is operated…
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Can Creditors Garnish My Wages Without a Court Order?

Creditors may seek a judgment against you to recover defaulted debts. For example, if you owe past due hospital bills or have defaulted on credit card payments. However, the rules for how creditors may garnish your wages can vary depending on the circumstances. Many creditors must first receive a court order before beginning a wage garnishment. Government agencies are not bound by this requirement. This is because government agencies can issue a wage garnishment without having to first seek a court order. The following types of creditors may seek an administrative wage garnishment to recover debts. The Department of Education: The Department of Education can issue an administrative wage garnishment if you default on federal student loans. They can take up to 15 percent of your wages and your income tax return to pay back defaulted higher education debts. The IRS: If you owe taxes, then the IRS may issue…
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