Debt Consolidation – Too Good To Be True?

Posted on February 16, 2012 at 12:33pm by

As seen on MSN Money recently, they’ve also picked up on the new research conducted by the National Endowment for Financial Freedom. Debt consolidation certainly sounds like a great way to manage debt accumulation instead of subjecting one’s self or family to the “shame” of declaring bankruptcy, but in many cases, it ends up as just another too-good-to-be-true scenario. Check it out on MSN here.

There’s no shame in filing bankruptcy. In fact, the idea the washing away ones debts every 7 years comes from the Bible. If you live in Kansas or Missouri, pick up the phone and call Neil today to talk about it. For a free consultation, call (816) 281-6349 to learn more about the options available to you.

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