Testimonials for the Sader Law Firm and Our Kansas City Bankruptcy Lawyers

November 2020
“Following the loss of a job and the inability to find a new one, my wife and i had to enter bankruptcy protection. Sader Law handled our bankruptcy to our complete satisfaction. Highly recommended.”

– James B.

“After running a successful business for 15 years it was a shock to have to consider Bankruptcy to protect our Family. My personal Attorney recommended I meet with Neil. He was kind, understanding and incredibly knowledgeable about the process. After our first meeting, I knew we had made the right decision retaining Neil’s service.

Due to a change from Chapter 7 to Chapter 13 mandated by the Court as well as complications from my prior business our Case stretched out over two years. Neil was always there if we had questions and kept us abreast of developments throughout the process.

Bankruptcy appeared to be complicated, embarrassing and quite frankly terrifying. Neil kept us calm, collected and protected throughout the entire process. Thanks to Neil, our plan is in place and our family is living comfortably while it runs it’s course. I would recommend Neil to anyone including my friends and family.”

– Russell C.

“Great news! You are definitely the best in the business! Thanks for everything and I definitely want to take you out to eat some time. When I come to kc next I’ll give you a call. Take care and be safe!”

– Chad S.

October 2020
“Nicest people out there would highly recommend”

– Kayla G.

“I have been in bankruptcy for the last 5 years and have worked with Neil Sader from Sader Law Firm in Kansas City Missouri. I was terrified of bankruptcy but unfortunately had no choice. I was even more terrified of hiring an attorney. However I had nothing but great experiences with Neil Sader from Sader Law Firm. The knowledge was strong within their company and they always took care of everything for me so that my worries were minimal. I would recommend them HIGHLY AND CONTINUALLY!!!”

– Sharon Chadwick

“Thanks Neil,

You did a great job on my case!

– Phillip C.”

“Thank you, Neil.

We appreciate your good work, counsel, and most of all, your tenacious patience in dealing with our uncertainty and impatience.”


“Hi Neil.

Thanks to you, I now have a student loan repayment form that I can live with. I am interviewing next week for a couple of State jobs, so I hope all goes well.

Take care and thanks again for saving me.

Best regards.”


“Neil you are truly the only attorney I trust with this and will always accept your advice as I know you are are looking out for me… I might not LOVE what you have to say, but I have so much trust and respect for you, I let you down this time and have had a lot of weeks to do some serious soul searching, getting my act together and moving in the right direction.

I just had to say that and compliment you… I am not sure how many people actually compliment attorneys but you, I do truly trust and after all the awful things the past couple of years… I am grateful you are looking out for my best interest and you are so honest, caring and “firm” with your decisions. I truly admire you Neil. Thank you.”


“Neil Sader and his law firm handled our bankruptcy case and did a WONDERFUL job!! Neil was available to us any time we had questions, concerns or issues. Neil made a most difficult time in our lives much easier for us…”
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“I totally recommend (and have) your using Neil Sader as your lawyer if you are facing a bankruptcy. He has the knowledge to guide you through the process in the easiest path possible…
-Ron H.
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“Neil Sader handled my bankruptcy case and I can’t say enough nice things about his professionalism and the way he handled my case. If you are looking for a great bankruptcy attorney I would certainly recommend The Sader Law Firm…”
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“Wanted to thank your law firm for taking care of my bankruptcy Chapter 13… But wanted to say everything was handled very professionally and answered all my questions and made this so I understood what was going on. Should have filed long time ago but keep thinking 40 yrs back that I would be ruined for life but after talking to her and understanding so glad your firm was there to help me. Because of 2 companies not wanting to accept what would be paid back and not getting information back in time I saved close to $50,000.00 and was able to pay the rest at 100 percent in a year and get it closed.

So thank you again for being there to help me and I had never heard of Sader Law Firm. But needed a lawyer close to where I worked and there you were. I had worked in the banking world for over 40 years and when they decided to stop processing checks in KC I was laid off. Very hard when you are in your 50 thinking what am I going to do now. So the only job I could find paying decent was at IRS. Not bad there. But as others when I got laid off my salary was cut in half so that was when I started having trouble keeping up with payments. But Megan would get back with me very quickly and appreciate all that was done for me.”

Thank you again,
Connie W.

“Thank you so very much for the prompt, courteous, and personal manner in which you handled my amended order. I appreciate all the work you do. I can’t thank you enough.

I have a car! It is so exciting to have a car and to have been approved! I’m on my way to improving my credit. I will highly recommend your firm to friends, colleagues, and family.”

“Hello Mr. Sader. Just wanted to let you know I received the note from Emily D. along with the money order.

Thank you for your wishes for the future. This past year has indeed been a hard one but you and your firm helped so very much.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart!”

Marie G.

“Neil Sader and the Sader Law Firm receive my highest recommendation! All items were thoroughly handled in a timely manner, and all calls and e-mails were promptly returned. Neil and his associates provided solid advice based on an in-depth understanding of bankruptcy law. Their knowledge and experience in dealing with recent changes to bankruptcy law was particularly helpful. …”

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“I know first hand, if you’re researching bankruptcy attorneys, you may possibly be feeling extremely overwhelmed, defeated and maybe hopeless. I certainly was experiencing all the feelings I just referenced. Prior to connecting with Neil, I was literally living a financially uncertain life. To keep it as short as possible, I had originally hired a different attorney to assist me & was advised to file Chapter 13. I did not do my homework. I just assumed ( never do that ) lol… Any Bankruptcy attorney would be fine! …”

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“Neil was very nice and helped answer all my questions. He did not rush me off the phone. He is not the cheapest, but I will do my business with him no matter the cost because of his great customer service!! :)”

“When we were in need of finding legal counsel to help us collect on a jury settlement, we contacted Brad McCormick of the Sader Law Firm. The firm is recognized as being one of the best collection/settlement firms in the Kansas City area and we were fortunate to make contact with Brad.

We found Brad to be highly professional and knowledgeable in area of collections and bankruptcy. He graciously accepted our request for a meeting. …”

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“Dear [Neil], thanks again for your personal touch with my chapter 7 BR. [My lawyer] did a super job in every way and now we can enjoy our retirement years. thanks again to the best Law Firm around.”

Robert S.

“Megan it was a pleasure meeting you today.
I appreciate the thoroughness and compassion shown towards me today. You were very personable.

Tell Mr. Sader his personal touch will keep him being successful because I was blown away!!!!!!!”


“You were a breath of fresh air. I don’t think I’ve ever spoke with a more informative, professional, and kind individual. You are truly an asset to your firm.”


“My husband and I were working with Attorneys down in Florida at CAS and they were absolutely worthless. Twelve hours before the foreclosure we found out that we could file Chapter 13 so I did a search online…”

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“Dear Neil:
My beloved husband passed away 08/03/09. It has been a shock to all our family and friends.

I found your card in his diary, along with a notation I thought you would like to hear.

“Good news from our atty. [Neil] Sader.” He is the ONLY attorney I have met in my life who is honest, fair, and truly cares for his clients”

He held you in high regard, which for him was a rarity concerning attorneys.”

Most Sincerely:

Email sent 12/01/2010

“Excellent job on this Brad, we will definitely be using you in the future on similar matters. As I think I’ve told you, we rarely have these types of issues because our payroll department does an awesome job of ensuring most creditors are happy.

But you will hear from us the next time we get “Ackerman’d.” Yes, we’ve taken to using that as a verb in the department for when you’re dealing with someone who chooses to remain willfully ignorant.

Thanks again for your work on this Brad!”

“Neil – I want to thank you for the time you spent with me on the phone and also to advise that our daughter and Chicago Title have settled their issue. At this point she will not be filing for bankruptcy.

I appreciate all the information you provided. It was very kind of you.”

Kind regards,


Thanks for all your understanding and patience with me, and my limited knowledge of regulations, legalities, etc. You have been a dear. Thanks for staying on top of it here lately too.”

Mary Lou


“Dear Neil,

I would like to thank you again for all the help that I received from both you and Brad McCormack regarding my potential bankruptcy. While thankfully my wife and I did not have to file, your counsel was invaluable to us in our negotiations with our creditors. We never would have been able to successfully negotiate an acceptable settlement without your guidance. Thank you again for all your support.”

With very best regards,


“Good evening, Scott.
Just wanted to send a short note confirming that I did receive my bankruptcy discharge paperwork…this is finally over!!

I also wanted to thank you for all of your help…this was a VERY stressful and emotional time for me, yet your professionalism and all around courteous nature helped to make this all somewhat less stressful. I was very pleased with the services provided and would not hesitate to contact you again for future needs or to refer potential clients to the firm.

However, as pleased as I am (and it’s nothing personal whatsoever), I don’t want to need legal counsel for ANYTHING anytime soon. So let’s just plan on the next time I see you being at a social function or the grocery store! :-)

Take care and thanks again for everything.”



“Oh, thank you so much! I’m in tears of relief and joy. You know women. We love to cry. It just feels as if a horrible part of my past is really behind me. You have been great!”



I forgot to tell you how much I appreciate your help and style. By that I mean, that it hasn’t felt very stressful and you certainly aren’t very “over the top” and over-bearing. I have found that in my former athletic days and early business life that I was the coolest in the face of the most difficult circumstances. This is my way of saying that I think you and your staff are pretty cool operator’s. This is probably be far the most unsure thing that I have ever had to face and you have helped a ton!”



“Mr. Sader,
I just wanted to thank you for doing this for me. It’s such a relief to have it done with. I appreciate everything you’ve done, and also for keeping the stress at a minimum for me. I appreciate your professionalism, your straight forward manner, and your speed. Thanks too, for being so patient and punctual about answering my calls and emails. I will definitely call on you if I ever need legal services again, and will also highly recommend you to others. Have a great day!”



“Hi Neil,
We were lucky enough to stumble into your office. You not only saved us from prison, (Scott was ready to kill a banker), you also saved our marriage and enabled us to get a new start.

Well, here we are, 5 years later, in Florida, living our dream. We live on a beautiful 44ft sailboat, anchored off Key West, Florida. Don’t worry… we didn’t hide money. Scott finally received his disability from Social Security, and he got 3 years back pay. So we immediately bought the boat of our dreams. We have attached a photo. Also, “you” are always welcome aboard this vessel as a guest of honor!

Please let us know and by the way, come on down to Florida and we’ll go sailing!!”

Scott and Annie