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Where Do Our Presidential Candidates Stand on Student Loans?

The 2016 elections are now less than one year away, and the nation’s top agenda setter will soon assume office. But where do these candidates stand when it comes to helping resolve the student loan crisis? Please note that many of these plans are very complex, and we are only covering some of the more important details of each policy. Hillary Clinton: Hillary Clinton’s plan to solve the student loan crisis is called the New College Compact (NCC). Under the NCC, students will have tuition, books and fees reduced at public colleges within their states if they work 10 hours a week to help contribute. Community college students will receive free tuition under the plan. Under the NCC, federal and state governments will be asked to increase investments in higher education. Marco Rubio: Marco Rubio, who himself has borrowed tens of thousands in student loans, wants to enroll borrowers into…
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