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Should I File for Bankruptcy?

Struggling with debt can sometimes feel overwhelming and never-ending. Fortunately, there are ways to move yourself and your finances beyond your current struggles. Filing for bankruptcy may provide benefits that far outweigh the woes that come with constantly battling debt. Before taking this route, however, it is important to know whether your financial situation warrants such a decision. If you are struggling with the question of whether you should file for bankruptcy, keep reading to learn more about the warning signs. Below, we outline a number of warning signs that are often caused by difficult financial situations. Identifying one or a combination of these indicators may help you determine when to file bankruptcy. If any of these scenarios describe your situation, then we encourage you to speak with a Kansas City bankruptcy lawyer from our firm. Collection Agencies Are Contacting You Typically, this happens when you have failed to pay…
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Using Bankruptcy to Save Your Home and Stop Foreclosure

Your home is where you raise your kids. It is where you have family meals and celebrate holidays. It is where you make many of your important memories. Excessive debt and falling behind on mortgage payments can jeopardize everything. If you fall too far behind on payments, then you could lose your home to foreclosure. Is there a way to stop foreclosure and save your home? If you received a foreclosure notice, then you might feel as if all hope is lost. Protecting your home from foreclosure may seem like an insurmountable task. Fortunately, there are ways families can keep their homes. A Kansas City bankruptcy lawyer can review options for stopping foreclosure. Your attorney can guide you through the process of saving your home. Some of those options could include filing bankruptcy, filing for a loan modification, or filing suit against the bank. However, bankruptcy is an option that…
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Bankruptcy vs. Debt Settlement: Which Should I Choose?

Kansas City Bankruptcy Attorneys Explain Your Options Defaulting on debts can lead to multiple negative consequences. Your wages could be garnished. Creditors could repossess your secured debts. In other cases, you could enter a debt spiral that affects your finances for years to come. If you are experiencing a debt crisis, then you should explore options for resolving your situation as soon as possible. The longer you wait to resolve your debts, the longer it will take to get your finances back on track. Debt settlement and bankruptcy are two debt relief options you could consider. However, these are two very different options. You should consider the differences between bankruptcy and debt settlement before making your decision and very closely look at any and all fees Debt Settlement companies charge. What Is Debt Settlement? Debt settlement is where you hire a company to work with your creditor to pay less…
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