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Dealing With Your Emotions While Filing for Bankruptcy

If you’re considering bankruptcy, you probably never imagined yourself in this position. Depending on your personality, you might feel embarrassed, stressed, or uncertain. It can even make you question what “kind” of person you are. While it’s natural for the bankruptcy process to have an impact on your emotions, don’t let it cause an identity crisis. You can be doing everything right, and still find yourself financially upside down. In fact, some of the most successful people in history have been exactly where you are today. Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney and Henry Ford are on the list of formerly-bankrupt Americans. And like you, they probably experienced some of the emotions that are typical of each of the steps of the bankruptcy process. The consultation We’re not here to judge you. More than anyone else on the planet, we attorneys know that many people filing for bankruptcy are stuck in that…
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Transition from a Creditors’ Attorney to a Debtors’ Attorney

An older attorney once told me, only half-joking, “debtors’ attorneys primarily dodge rocks while creditors’ attorneys throw them.”  While there is a lot of truth his observation, I’ve found that the rewards far outweigh the negatives when it comes to representing consumer clients. My path to this realization, like much in life, was not a direct one.  For five years I prosecuted consumer fraud claims for the State of Missouri as an Assistant Attorney General.  Though I thoroughly enjoyed my work for the state, the financial rewards of such work were not enough to support my growing family.  I eventually landed a job at a creditors’ rights firm where, for six years, I handled residential mortgage issues in Missouri and Kansas on the state and federal level which included district and bankruptcy court.  The work was interesting as I had never worked in the areas of bankruptcy, mechanic’s liens, real…
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Small Business Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 Bankruptcies are a powerful tool available to businesses who are facing financial difficulties but have a solid business model.  As opposed to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy which requires the business to shut its doors, a Chapter 11 gives a company the ability to restructure its debt, pay off its creditors on its own terms and emerge from bankruptcy in a stronger financial position.  There are several facts to remember when a company is considering Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – It is not just for large corporations Some associate Chapter 11 with the larger corporations that have filed – GM, Delta, any number of Trump-owned businesses.  While it is true those companies filed for Chapter 11, the relief is not only available to large companies.  There is no minimum size required to file Chapter 11.  It can be an incredibly powerful tool for small to mid-sized companies as well.  The…
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