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If You Want to Stop Paying a Fortune for Medical Services, Look No Further

Are you among the millions of Americans being hurt by rising health insurance premiums and deductibles? If so, you may be tired of paying more for basic services and medications before insurance starts helping. Visits to the doctor’s office may seem too expensive and out of reach for you and your family. We have some good news. There are ways that you can reduce medical bills, but it does take a combination of strategies. The following suggestions may help reduce the amount you pay for routine medical services, prescriptions and more complex procedures. How Do You Save Money on Prescription Medications? It is possible to save money on prescription drugs, but it depends on whether the FDA has set a period of market exclusivity for the medication. Market exclusivity means that inexpensive generic version of the drug cannot be sold. For all other medications, there are ways to cut costs….
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What Happens When People Are Sued Over Unpaid Medical Bills?

In a recent article published by The Daily Beast, the consequences of defaulting on hospital bills are described in great detail. The article discusses Credit Management Services, a Nebraska collection agency notorious for filing lawsuits against poor families who have defaulted on medical debts. One family had an 8-year-old daughter with kidney failure who required multiple surgeries. As a poorer family, the parents could not afford to pay the tens of thousands in hospital bills and were sued eight times by the company after defaulting. Their story is only one of many, and Credit Management Services has built a reputation for filing more lawsuits against debtors than any other debt collection agency in the U.S. Credit Management Services has sued families for $60 worth of delinquent medical bills. Why would a collection agency bother with such tiny bills? Collection agencies are like many other types of businesses, which means there…
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