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American Bankruptcy Institute Hosts Corporate Restructuring Competition

If you have been reading our blog long enough, then you know that bankruptcy is not about counting your losses but protecting your assets and redistributing your earnings to do the most good for your financial future. You might also be aware that business bankruptcies –and what makes us feel so good about them—are also known as financial restructuring. Restructuring is what makes bankruptcies so helpful. But did you know that the miracle wrought by restructuring is a big enough deal in the corporate world that some of the most prestigious business schools in America have an annual restructuring competition? The American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) recently hosted its 15th Annual Corporate Restructuring Competition. Each year, the event allows business school students to participate in a crisis management exercise. Seven prestigious business schools participated this year. Schools that participated this year include the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Columbia…
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Finding Free Tax Filing Services in Kansas City

Tax season begins on January 28. If you are worried about the fees associated with filing, you may qualify for free filing services in Kansas City or the surrounding areas. There are also online options to consider. Some of these services allow you to work on your taxes with the assistance of qualified professionals. This blog will discuss possible options for free tax filing services in Kansas City and elsewhere. Finding VITA Locations on the IRS Website Once tax season begins, look for multiple in-person Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) programs in the Kansas City area. Kansas City normally hosts multiple VITA programs, and you can locate them by using the IRS website. Select your ZIP code and put in the number of miles you are willing to travel for free assistance. You could also consider free filing options with the AARP. The AARP operates tax services at certain Kansas…
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Wage Orders Can Help You Complete Your Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows debtors with a source of income to discharge many types of debts. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your debts are consolidated into a repayment program that is paid back over three to five years. The Trustee then distributes these payments to your creditors. However, it is crucial that you make your payments to the Trustee on time to reap the advantages of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. One way to do this is with a wage order. There are multiple benefits to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. For instance, you could stop the foreclosure process on your home and become current on delinquent mortgage payments. You might also be able to strip a second mortgage. How Your Wage Order is Helping You Complete Your Bankruptcy With a wage order, the bankruptcy court requires your employer to submit your Chapter 13 payments from your pay check. Wage orders make Chapter…
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