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Wage Orders in Bankruptcy

So you are getting ready to file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and your Sader Law Firm attorney indicates to you that your Chapter 13 plan payments will be submitted on your behalf by virtue of a wage order… What’s a Wage Order? A wage order is an order entered by the bankruptcy court ordering your employer to submit your Chapter 13 plan payments from your paycheck. The Sader Law Firm strongly encourages all employed persons be on a wage order because a vast majority of Chapter 13 cases that are dismissed, meaning they are not completed and the debtors do not get a discharge, are dismissed for failure to make plan payments. The success rate of receiving a discharge from completion of the Chapter 13 bankruptcy is substantially higher when a debtor makes plan payments by a wage order than by sending the payments directly. Often, when making direct payments…
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New Testimonial from Vanessa P

Megan it was a pleasure meeting you today. I appreciate the thoroughness and compassion shown towards me today. You were very personable. Tell Mr. Sader his personal touch will keep him being successful because I was blown away!!!!!!! -Vanessa P

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Student Loan Discharge; May Exceed $325,000

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Aug. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Missouri entered an Order on May 29, 2013 approving a settlement for a Missouri woman owing more than $400,000.00 in student loans. Per the settlement the woman is entitled to receive a bankruptcy discharge of up to $325,000.00 of student loans. The holders of the student loan debt were Suntrust Bank and Educational Management Corp. Our client agreed to a repayment schedule of approximately 25% of the balance over a ten (10) year period of time. Upon successful completion of the partial repayment, the entire balance will be discharged. Neil Sader and Megan Dennis of The Sader Law Firm represented this client. Sader stated, “While student loans generally are not dischargeable in bankruptcy, there is a hardship provision which can be used in certain deserving circumstances.” The client in this case was…
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