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Six Ways to Up Your Financial Game in 2019

Millions of people in the U.S. made New Year’s resolutions at the start of the year. Financial responsibility is a popular area of concern for resolution makers, but many people struggle with the follow-through. Finances are technical and at times fragile, and without a solid plan, you are more likely to fall short of your financial goals. 6 Ways to Generally Improve Financial Responsibility The area your resolutions are concerned with will benefit from all-around good financial habits. According to a Fidelity Investments survey, 48 percent of Americans make a resolution to save more, 29 percent want to pay off debt and 15 percent wish to spend less overall. No matter your personal area of concern, here are our best suggestions to help you improve your financial affairs in 2019: Identify your financial goals. Make it a priority to identify your financial goals for the year. Do you need to…
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Five Personal Finance Habits That May Improve Your Credit Scores

Your credit scores can have a major impact on several areas of your life. These scores, which are calculated from the information in your three credit reports, determine where you can live and which loan terms you receive from lenders. Credit scores can even affect the type of job offers you receive. If you have poor credit scores, the good news is that they are not permanent. You can always adopt new personal finance habits to improve your credit scores. The following personal finance habits may help you achieve this goal. Pull your credit reports often. Pull your credit reports as often as possible. You can pull your reports from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion once per year for free. However, you should try to pull these reports twice per year at a minimum. If you are able, try to pull your credit reports once every four months. Look for mistakes,…
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How Can I Save Money on My Electricity Bill?

Utility bills can make your finances more difficult if you are experiencing money problems. Depending on your living situation and family size, it may not be unusual to pay an electricity bill over $150. If you want to save money on your electricity bill going into the warmer months, then you should keep reading. There are ways that you could bring down the prices of your electricity bill. Improve airflow: Your electricity bills will be higher if your vents are not working at full capacity. First, you should make sure that the vents in your apartment or home are open. You should also regularly replace the filters to improve airflow. Air vent filters are inexpensive and can typically be purchased in bulk at a hardware store. You could also make use of ceiling fans if you have them in your residence. Remember, you can push hot air upwards by running…
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