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Why Was This Father Charged $39.35 by a Hospital to Hold His Newborn Son?

If you were looking for an example of a surprise hospital bill, you have come to the right place. A father shared his hospital bill on Reddit showing he was charged $39.35 to hold his newborn. His post went viral, and people were genuinely upset that the hospital charged the new parent to hold his son. It turns out that the hospital charged this amount because the operating room (OR) nurse had to be present for the father to hold the newborn. In other words, the father and his wife were billed by the hospital for the OR nurse’s caregiving services. This post is an important reminder that hospitals will bill for almost anything – bandages, Tylenol, a box of tissues, a plastic bag for belongings and IV bags. These charges can add up and cause medical bills to become unaffordable, even for people with insurance (especially if they have high…
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