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How Did This IRS Scam Rip Off Millions from Americans?

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on a call center scam in India that stole $88 million from American victims. According to the article, call center employees were told to pose as IRS agents and threaten Americans into paying large sums of money. Scammers would tell targets their 401(k) plans would be seized and their wages frozen if they refused to pay nonexistent back taxes. There was a lot of incentive for scammers to be as brutal and threatening as possible. Scammers received one rupee for every dollar they took from American targets. Some victims lost as much as $88,000, meaning the scammer received more than $1,300. The scammers avoided detection by telling victims to make payments with gift cards. Victims were told to buy $500 gift cards from nearby stores, and then give the scammers access to those cards. Scammers told victims if they did not comply with this…
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